I’m a freelance print and pattern designer from Tampere, Finland. I work at home nearby a bird lake and surrounded by idyllic old wooden houses. I’m also a mom for two school aged kids and I love to have a connection to the children’s world.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. I love to draw flowers and other plants, cats and birds. My prints and patterns are often organic or floral, sometimes with an abstract or playful twist on them.

I like to use soft and happy hues of colours, tones associating in my mind with sweet and joyous things like sunshine (incl. sunrise & sunset), candy, forest, autumn (my favorite season!) or sea. Colour is often an important part of my works, but as a counterbalance I like to work with black and white ink drawings. I get inspiration from various other art forms and artists, also.

I’m ready for commissions and client work locally and internationally. For designs free to license, send a message and ask to see my newest Look Book (1/2020).

It’s always a delight to collaborate with Tanja. This time she provided us with two colourful and imaginative prints to choose from for our custom company shirts. The chosen print (after a tight vote) has been so popular, our personnel would like to order it in every available colour. I can highly recommend commissioning Tanja and sprinkling some visual joy on your brand!
– Anna Sutherland, Sivupersoona Oy, Brand and marketing